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Nourish yourself by growing your healthiest garden ever. Our Garden Wellness Kit creates a rich environment for your soil to prosper and your plants to flourish. Apply Soil Food to the soil surface of your existing raised bed, container garden, houseplant, or garden plot. Spray on Plant Food or water your plants with it and watch your plants spring to life. 


Soil Food and Plant Food are created to mimic the Cycle of Life. Using them on a regular basis will regenerate your soil, and jumpstart your garden’s vigor to yield more blooms and abundant harvests. 

Garden Wellness Kit

$45.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • Garden Wellness Kit includes:


    1 jar Soil Food

    1 bottle Plant Food

    1 measuring spoon

    Garden Wellness Ritual card


    Use your Garden Wellness Kit 1-2 times weekly for most abundant results.

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