Grow to eat. Eat to live. Our Garden-to-Table Wellness Kit has all the ingredients for a healthier garden and a more flavorful harvest. Use Soil Food to create a healthy garden foundation, use Plant Food to boost your garden’s yields, and use our Herb-Infused Salts to flavor your harvests. It’s easy to eat more plants when they taste this good. We’ve also provided our top 3 plant-based recipes and lots of tips and tricks to transform your future harvests.


Garden-to-Table Wellness Kit

  • Garden-to-Table Wellness Kit includes:


    1 package Soil Food

    1 package Plant Food

    1 package Balsamic Salt

    1 package Ranch Salt

    1 package Basil-Garlic Salt

    1 reusable salt grinder

    3 plant-based recipe cards

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