Frequently asked questions

Who is Organilock?

Organilock is a world leader in biomass transformation. Translation: they take waste streams such as wood waste, factory farm waste cleanup, invasive species cleanup, etc, and turn it into valuable products. They specialize in soil rehabilitation and carbon sequestration.

What are your soil products made from?

We've partnered with Organilock to bring you their amazing new soil technology in packaging that's free of single-use plastic. The soil products contain pine bark, chicken manure, ground chicken, fish meal, biochar, and beneficial microbes.

What if I want some help maintaining my garden every once in a while?

You're not alone! We customize maintenance and garden coaching packages all the time. Just reach out for a consultation!

What are the 4 Rules of Flavor?

When making a plant-based dish, we like to add ingredients from these 4 categories: 1) seasoning (aka salt) 2) herbs (fresh or dried) 3) alliums (this is the plant family that includes onions, garlic, chives, leeks, shallots, etc) 4) acid (lemon juice, vinegar, tart fruits, pickle juice, etc) We find that adhering to these "4 Rules of Flavor" helps make it easier to cook dishes from scratch without recipes.

Do you deliver?

If you live in or adjacent to Essex County NJ, please contact us.

I'm vegan. Can I use your soil products?

I'm vegan, too! So, yes. In full disclosure, the soil products do contain animal products. BUT HERE'S WHY I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN USING OUR PRODUCTS: The factory farm industry causes harm not only to the animals in their facilities, but to the environment and local communities when they dispose of their "waste." This waste includes not only animal manure, but also the bodies of animals who weren't well enough to make it to "harvest." The waste is put in landfills, left to rot, or burned. In my personal opinion, this is a disrespect, though until now, there were few solutions for those farmers to dispose of waste in any other way. The reason we have partnered with Organilock is that their technology empowers the farmers to turn the waste into products which completely use all of the waste in a respectful way. Our products take the "waste" from those farms and return it back to the soil in a respectful manner. To me, this is a more respectful and dignified end to the lives of the animals who suffered in their short lives. Our goal is to help people eat more plants, thus reducing the call for these harmful factory farms. To do that, we feel that it's important to raise awareness and respect the wisdom of nature, mimicing the Cycle of Life and returning nutrients and carbon back to the soil. This will help us more quickly meet our goal of rehabilitating the world's farmland and being able to organically produce more food for human consumption.

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